Heartland Trauma Recovery Networks

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of forming 3 Trauma Recovery Networks in the Greater Kansas City area. All 3 TRNs will collaborate for training and major crisis events within one or more of the 3 Heartland TRN coverage areas.


Heartland Kansas TRN (serving Johnson and Wyandotte counties)

​Mission: Our primary mission is to provide EMDR early intervention services to members of the Olathe Police Department who experience trauma resulting from their daily exposure to traumatic events.

Our secondary mission is to maintain a network of licensed mental health practitioners who serve children and adults suffering from trauma related to large scale natural or human-made disasters in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.


Heartland Kansas TRN Steering Committee: Co-Coordinators, Michelle Anspaugh and Dusti Powell, consultant, Sue Thompson and member, Tim Leary. If you are interested, please contact Michelle Anspaugh or Dusti Powell.


Heartland Missouri TRN (serving Jackson and Cass counties) is seeking EMDR therapists to volunteer or serve on the steering committee with coordinator, Jan Laws and Jessica Willemsen.  If you are interested, please contact Jan Laws.

Heartland North Missouri TRN (serving Clay and Platte counties) is seeking EMDR therapists to volunteer or serve on the steering committee with coordinator, Tim Mathia and consultant, Michelle Callahan. If you are interested, please contact Tim Mathia.

How to become a volunteer
1) First, you must register as a volunteer through HAP https://www.emdrhap.org/volunteers/contact_information.php?type=regular


2) Once you receive the welcome email for your HAP volunteer account you can sign up to become a member with the Heartland TRN.  



​ Information to have on hand when signing up:

• Clinical license number

• Licensing authority

• License expiration date

• Liability/malpractice insurance carrier

• Insurance expiration date